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As true masters in all aspects of carpentry, at CRM Arredo Design we boast great knowledge of wood and extensive experience in its artisanal processing. We work with woods from classical carpentry but we also offer a selection of precious essences from all around the world. Each wood is carefully selected and worked to enhance its characteristics, ensuring high-quality finishes.



With the skilled hands of our artisans, we create fully customizable compositions of sofas, armchairs, and chairs. We offer design consultancy and carefully follow every phase of the process, ensuring a high level of quality and tailoring precision. Thanks to our many years of experience in artisanal workmanship, we guarantee maximum professionalism and accurate results.

Paints and finishes


Our dedicated in-house department manages the entire painting and finishing process. Specialized staff interprets customer needs to personalize the result. Our knowledge of materials and techniques allows us to achieve unique results. We combine the use of both classic and modern techniques and carry out completely manual processes such as gold, silver and bronze leaf, and various artistic techniques.



Our integrated solutions often involve the coexistence of different materials. Metal, synonymous with solidity, is often the supporting base of our creations. Whether shiny, matte, silver, or gold, our metalwork gives a bold and modern style to each of our products. The completeness of our workmanship is a guarantee for the customer who finds in CRM Arredo Design a single, reliable reference point.

Special finishes


We are experts in managing special materials and techniques for creating unique finishes. We combine craftsmanship and savoir-faire with the most modern technologies to create bespoke pieces capable of meeting the most complex and diversified needs.

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